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5 Easy Ways to Keep Campsite Clean and Comfortable

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

(First Of Three Series)

Camping season is one of the most enjoyable summer experiences for mountain adventurers and the wannabes. Once a year, camping helps everyone get out of the rut and routine of life by going back to the basics and communing with Nature.

Check everything from campsite to campsite must-haves to make your camping adventure more memorable than doing all chores. A checklist to pack up will save you a lot of misery, especially if you end up on grounds without hookups, electricity or too remote to purchase your essentials.

These camping cleaning must bring will undoubtedly make it easier for you and family and friends to enjoy the outdoors. Here are the five must-haves for a Clean Campsite.

Clean Up Tent and Backpack Before and After Trip. A week before your camping or backpacking trip, thoroughly get rid of your tent and backpack of old dirt, stains, and crumbs. Ensure that there won't be lingering odours that may attract uninvited guests. Remember to clean them up again after use.

Put a Mat Outside and Inside Your Tent. Place a rough mat outside and inside your tent. Footwear mats will keep the inside clean and tidy. Also, consider putting the boots or shoes in bags and tying them to prevent bugs and insects to avoid surprises.

Bring Cleaning Essential Tools. Use the full-size broom to c debris from the spot of your tent. These tools allow you to sleep more comfortably. The brush and dustpan are excellent for clearing tables and seating dirt. Wet Wipes are helpful for the body and for cleaning surfaces before and after meals. Trash Bags are essential to leave no traces of you have been there.

Eat Dinner and Clean up Before Dark. You'll be ready to sit on the campfire, enjoy toasted marshmallows, join the rest with fun activities, and snuggle up instead of cleaning into the dark.

Hire PRINCESS Cleaning Services for a clean campsite to enjoy summer and let them get the things done for you.


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