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Heartwarming Valentine Cleaning Tips That will Melt Any Heart

Nothing says I care more than a thoughtful gift and labour of love. Why not start a romantic gift, and spend an intimate and perfect valentine's day at home? Here are the seven heartwarming tips that will surely melt any heart.

  1. Make breakfast in bed and clean up after

  2. Replace the dry and dying houseplant with new, fragrant houseplants with lasting flowers like gardenia.

  3. Clean the entire bathroom, including the floors, toilet, and, of course, the bathtub. Don't forget to add flower petals.

  4. Use fresh potpourri water for a fresh smell in the living and dining area.

  5. Set up the mood and create a warm atmosphere by lighting up the fireplace or candles.

  6. Home is where the heart is. An intimate dinner, a table setting, candlelight, and a home-cooked favourite dish will be romantic.

  7. Create a perfect valentine's mood with newly changed soft pillows, clean sheets and warm covers.

For more heartwarming cleaning tips, contact Princess Professional Cleaning Services.




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